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Getting back into Blade and Soul and I've noticed they only have two servers now, which one would be the best for a returning commer such as. I don't know if this post will make spoilers or anything, but does anyone know stuff about Yura? The story didn't quite reveal much What does. Yura the Scorpion Queen is a scorpion demon from the Dark Realm who seeks to bring the Dark Lord to the Earthen Realm. Her motives and.

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Blade & Soul 3.1 - New Costumes (KR/CH) - Soul Fighter Jin Unlock - (Profile&Mod Included)

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We do run dungeons daily! She is later seen sneaking around invisibly on the Blackram Narrows , watching Namsoyoo. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Why was she her normal age there when the disaster happened while Jinsoyun was still young And saved by Jiwan? I noticed the NA version has Yura absent at this flashback compared to the korean version, so there goes some things about her missing in NA. The dude one-shot me and as I was there laughing at myself he actually switched to a neutral uni and revived me.